Frequently Asked Questions - Juniors

What Junior age groups will the BCC be fielding in Season 2020/21?

We are looking to field teams in all age groups between U8s (Master Blasters) through to U17s. The actual number of teams and age groups to be nominated will be subject to numbers and details will be confirmed after our final registration cut off of in early October.


What if it's my child's first time playing cricket or what if they have just come out of the Junior Blasters program?

If your child is new to cricket and either too old for our Junior Blasters (formerly in2Cricket) beginner's program, has graduated from Junior Blasters (formerly in2Cricket), or is looking to take the next step in their cricket development and enjoyment we recommend our non-competitive Master Blasters (U8s/U9s) and Stage 1 (U10s) age groups that are suitable for all cricketing abilities and experience levels.


What age group should my child play?

The following table has been provided to help you work out your child's age group for the 2015/16 season: -

Season 2020/21

If your child is born between

Junior Blasters

5* to 7* year olds

Master Blasters (U8s)

1st September 2012

31st August 2013

Master Blasters (U9s)

1st September 2011

31st August 2012

Stage 1 - U10s

1st September 2010

31st August 2011

Stage 1 - U11s

1st September 2009

31st August 2010

Stage 2 - U12s

1st September 2008

31st August 2009

Stage 2 - U13s

1st September 2007

31st August 2008

Stage 3 - U14s

1st September 2006

31st August 2007

Stage 3 - U15s

1st September 2005

31st August 2006

Stage 3 - U17s

1st September 2004

31st August 2004

If you are unsure, or have any queries please feel free to speak to our Junior Coordinator Mark Adams 

for further details. 

Visit our  Junior Blasters FAQ for questions relating to our season 2020/21 Junior Blasters program.


Can my child play in a higher age group?

Yes, however we do prefer that children play in the correct or most appropriate age group whenever possible as it benefits your child's cricket development and enjoyment by playing against children of similar physical build and ability, especially as they progress to older age groups. There are however times where certain situations such as insufficient numbers for your child's nominated age group require a child to 'play up or down' an age group. Should this situation arise, our Junior Coordinator, or a representative from the Club will discuss this with you.


Can girls play?

Yes! The BCC actively encourages the participation of both girls and boys in our Woolworths Cricket Blast and Junior age groups. The BCC has in past seasons fielded entire teams made up of girls and we'd love to have your child involved in playing cricket with the BCC!


When and where do Juniors play?

All Junior games are played on Saturday mornings between 8am and 12:30pm. There may be an occasional game that gets scheduled for a late morning start which would have the game finishing close to 1pm. Games are played on grounds located between Brooklyn, Kenthurst, Castle Hill, St Ives and Epping.


When does the season start and how long does it go for?

As a general rule the season commences on the second Saturday in September and runs until the following March. Junior cricket does not play during school holidays and aligns with published school terms and breaks including Christmas and New Year. 

Your child's coach or manager will provide you with the details of the location and start time of the first game! In addition, you can also check our website for the available fixtures when they are published by the HK&HDCA.

The commencement date for Junior cricket in season 2020/21 will be Saturday 24th October, 2020.


How much does it cost to play?

Our Junior playing fees for season 2020/21 are as follows: -

Age Group

BCC Playing Fees

Junior Blasters


Master Blasters (U8s)


Master Blasters (U9s)


Stage 1 (U10s)


Stage 1 (U11s)


Stage 2 (U12s)


Stage 2 (U13s)


Stage 3 (U14s)


Stage 3 (U15s)


Stage 3 (U17s)



What do I get for my registration fees?

The registration fee covers the major costs of your child playing cricket at the BCC, including ground fees, insurance and affiliation.  All Junior players will receive a free BCC playing shirt and a cap in season 2020/21 through the generous support of our sponsors.


What clothing and equipment will my child need?

Long white cricket pants (or shorts), white playing polo shirt (long-sleeve highly recommended - supplied in season 2020/21), sports shoes (preferably with white as the major colour), a drink bottle and some sunscreen.

The club will (generally) supply all necessary playing equipment such as bats, batting pads, gloves, helmets (compulsory for all Junior players playing with a hard cricket ball), though kids are welcome to bring their own equipment if they have it, particularly from birthday and/or Christmas presents! If you are planning on buying equipment for your child please talk to the team coach first, particularly about the most appropriate size.

***COVID-19 *** - with current circumstances the ability for the club to provide all protective equipment is severely restricted and the club recommends that all players provide their own protective equipment including gloves, pads, and helmets (for age applicable age groups).

Please reach out to our club junior coordinator for any issues and/or concerns (


How do I register my child to play with the BCC?

Registration can be accomplished by:

By completing our online registration form (see registration email)

More information can be found on the Berowra Cricket Club website. 


When is registration open?

The online registration process will be open from early July, it is encouraged that parents do this as soon as possible as we need to confirm teams by early August.


When is training?

All Junior age groups (excluding Junior Blasters) will be assigned a weekday and location for a training session once a week at either: Berowra PS, Berowra Oval, Warrina St or Wideview PS. Training session allocations will be confirmed in the coming weeks once teams have been finalised and details will be posted on our website, and communicated by either our Junior Coordinator or your child's coach or manager.


Can parents/guardians help out?

Yes! We rely on parents/guardians to help coach and manage teams, as well as many other important tasks on game day such as umpiring, scoring, organising drinks and equipment, setting up stumps, putting out boundary cones being just some of the jobs you could assist us with.

If you are keen to help out as either a coach or manager then please contact our Junior Coordinator Mark Adams (


What if as a parent, I don't know anything about cricket?

It's not essential for some jobs and you can always learn.  The Club offers training and information sessions at the start of the season.


Does the Club have social functions for juniors and parents?

Yes, please keep an eye out on the Facebook page and website for details.


What if I have questions that haven't been covered here?

Please feel free to contact our Junior Coordinator Mark Adams (; Will Fiedler; or any of our other committee members who will be only too pleased to answer any questions or queries you may have!